Our present and future


    The auditing and consulting service “Mediator” Ltd. was founded as a specialized company in 1995. Aimed at avoiding misunderstanding caused by double interpretation of tax legislation and other business regulating normative documents, united professionals actively started fostering private busi- ness on the basis of information provision and highly qualified tax, accounting and financial consulting.

   The clients of the "Mediator" Ltd. became leading companies of almost every sphere of economy and in particular, civil aviation, industry, agriculture and communication, fuel and energy, transportation, banking and trade sectors.


        “Mediator” takes an active part in introduction of International Auditing and Acco- unting Standards in Georgia. Specifically, “Mediator” is a direct initiator and contributor of the establishment of a self-regulating professional organization – “Independent Accou- ntant and Auditor's society of Georgia” owning a firm base for accountant and auditor's training and professional development.

        On “Mediator's" initiative, “The expertise institute for Valuation of Assets of Geor- gia” is set up with the purpose of introducing standards set by “The International Assets Valuation Committee”, organizing training activities of the personnel in the field of assets valuation- expertise, perfecting valuation activities in Georgia.

         In September 2000, “Mediator” became a member of "Accountant and Auditor's Association of CIS" (Moscow).





      Nowadays, considering competitive market of auditing and consulting services in Georgia, “Medi- ator” pays special attention to the personnel qualifi- cation in order to win over trustworthy customers.


 Selection of highly qualified personnel is an integ- ral part of our activity. Relationship with our poten- tial personnel starts from higher education institution where they are selected and retrained in the profes- sional development centers founded by “Mediator”.

The right personnel policy and con- tinual professional development of personnel is the keystone to our   success.




  • Provision of full package of high quality auditing service to customers;

  • Solving of every problem related to their business completely;

  • Long-term relationship with the customers, satisfying the requirements   and expectations entirely that is the basis of mutual welfare.

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